Delivery Address
The products purchased at our online shop will be delivered to the address indicated at the time of purchase. Please make sure the recipient’s name and address are entered correctly as due to incomplete or wrong address the delivery may take longer or the package returned to the sender. In a case of wrong address, a customer is responsible for covering all the shipping costs.

Delivery Methods
The goods are shipped as priority and non-priority items by the Lithuanian Post ( You will receive an email informing about an item sent and its registry number (for priority items).

Other shipping methods, including terms and prices for individual orders are available as well and agreed when ordering.

Registered and Non-registered Items
You can choose between registered and non-registered mail delivery methods provided by the Lithuanian Post. Registered delivery is more expensive yet more convenient and safe.
Differences between registered and non-registereddelivery methods:

Advantages Non-registered Registered
Physical protection packaging X X
Item delivery speed according to the terms bellow X X
Tracking your item, dispatch time, exact location, arrival time, etc.   X
Record of delivery, including the recipient’s signature    X
Shipping insurance*    X

*We do care of secure shipping of your order; therefore, we offer FREE insurance for all priority items. If a customer does not receive it in two weeks after dispatch time, we resend it.

Priority Item Tracking

If you have chosen a priority delivery method, we will send you the registry number of your item so that you could track it.
Item tracking in Lithuania:
Global item tracking:

Item Delivery

Lithuania: 2–4 days
EU countries: 7-12 days
Other countries: 2–4 weeks

Item Delivery Price

Amaunt Price
Lithuania Other countries
1–3 goods 1,90  4,20
4–6 goods 2,30  4,40 
7–10 goods 2,60  4,90 
More than 10 goods 3,00  5,10 


Item Registration Fee

Country Price
Lithuania 1,00 
Other countries 1,00 

Duties and Taxes to Non-EU Countries

Generally, customs duties and other taxes are not applicable as the value of patches is not high. However, if duties and taxes are determined by customs in the destination country, a customer is obliged to pay them.