We pay special attention to copyright protection and carefully choose suppliers; therefore, our shop sells only licensed patches. By purchasing them, you will get a quality item and will support your favourite band or club.

If you notice any copyright violation, please contact us immediately Contacts and provide the following information: item title, name of organization and its representative who is inquiring, website of the organization (if available) and contact information. When notified of copyright violation, we will withdraw the item out of stock till the circumstances of the incident are clarified. All disputes arising out of the incident shall be settled in favour of the copyright owner.

Are you a member or head of a sports club, music band or any other organization? Do you want to promote its activities by providing your organization members with team patches? If so, you might have faced the following questions:
- How many patches it is necessary to order to satisfy the needs of all the interested and avoid patch surplus?
- How to ensure the patches ordered several times are made of the same materials and have the same technical specifications?
- What if there is a lack of several patches? Is it necessary to reorder the same amount?
- Who will finance the project? Usually an initiator of the idea has to cover patch production with no guarantees that the project will buy off.
Bear the risk, order patches and do not pay for them! We will make the patches according to your specifications and your community members will be able to purchase them in our online shop.

For more information on the offer, please send us a short description of your project, including a logo of your organization by email