If you cannot find a necessary patch in our online shop, we will make a custom patch following your specifications. Every patch is made only of high quality materials and equipment making its shape durable, while design is created by experienced designers. 

As we do not set a minimum quantity order, we accept even one-item orders with your chosen image. Despite the amount of patches ordered, we provide expert consultations for every customer on patch production.

If you want to order a custom patch, please fill in Request form or choose any other way (e-mail, facebook, skype) to contact us.

Patch Production Stages

1. Get a Quote. Click on Get a Quote , fill in all the boxes and attach a patch image. Or choose any other way (e-mail, facebook, skype) to contact us.

Title. Enter a recommended patch title. It will be included in the product catalogue making it easier for us to find it and produce another one if you decide to reorder it. Also, the title will facilitate the search of an image of higher quality if the attached one lacks it.
Dimensions. Enter the measurements, namely width and height, of your desired patch. Minimal measurements depend on an image provided, whereas maximum measurements are 38x28cm. If the measurements are not suitable for a quality patch, we will recommend other measurements or offer how to apply existing design.
Shape. Enter a desired shape of your patch. The shape can vary from the usual geometric shapes to contour cutting.
Hold. Choose a patch hold. Usually patches do not have a hold, they are sewed down additionally. According to your request, we can fix a thermo foil or Velcro tape (double contact tape) to a patch.
Quantity. Enter the amount of patches you want to order. We also accept one-item orders.
Notes. Here you can make notes regarding your patch production.
Design (image). Attach an image of your preferred design of any format.
Add to the list. Your inquiry is ready to submit. You will find basic information of your inquiry in the list. If you wish to add more patches, include them in the list as well.
Send request

2. Response to a request. We will response to your request by an email in one working day. If you have not received a timely response, check Spam folder of your email account or contact us. Our response will include recommendations for patch production, price and estimated production time.

3. Price and production time. A patch price depends on its size, shape, design complexity and amount. Production time depends on our availability and the number of ordered patches. Production time usually does not exceed one week. Small orders are completed in several days.

4. Preview image of a patch. Having agreed upon the patch production, delivery and payment, we will send you a preview image of a patch. Please mind that the image is designed to demonstrate graphics layout, colours and shape, it is of low resolution and the quality might disappoint. The actual patches always look professionally-made and often exceed customers’ expectations. Prior to the production of a large amount of patches, we will send you the image of the actual patch and only having received your confirmation we will produce the amount agreed. For a one-item order the actual patch image is sent as well prior to its production.

5. Patch delivery. A convenient delivery time will be arranged in advance. For more information, please read Delivery.